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Alabama archaeology

alabama archaeology Based on comparison of archaeological remains and pottery styles, scholars believe that it was most likely occupied from 1400–1550 CE by people of the South Appalachian Mississippian culture (a regional variation of the Mississippian culture). Archaeology is the study of how people lived in the past—from thousands of years ago to recent times—through the objects they left behind. Subcategories. In Bottle Creek Research: Working Papers on the Bottle Creek Site (1Ba2), Baldwin County, Alabama, edited by Ian W. Dr. Katherine Chiou. It may include both field and class room components. Gramly on the excavation work done to date at this location. 8,059 likes · 349 talking about this. Randolph Daniel Jr. A. 1-2. 60, Nos. A. Philip Carr Director About this Item: Alabama Archaeological Society, Moundville AL, tan wrappers, staple bound, pp. Mailing Address Box 870210 The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0210 Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research (TVAR) is a woman-owned small business focused on archaeological research and cultural resource management. (2011) and Ph. Archaeological Research, University of Alabama, Moundville. 5 mile and turn west onto the Mound Parkway road. Kareen L. See full list on alabamaarchaeology. The incipient Middle Woodland pe-riod of east-central Alabama is marked by a dramatic infusion of sand-tempered, check-stamped pottery analogous to the Now owned by the state of Alabama, Bottle Creek was declared a National Historic Landmark on March 10, 1995, joining Moundville Archaeological Park as the only other Native American site so recognized in the state of Alabama. 61-135, decent quality, covers lightly soiled, otherwise very good, unmarked, ill. Alabama Archaeological Society. 1) Submission of manuscripts · Manuscripts should be emailed to the editor as a Microsoft Word document, double-spaced, with figures, tables, and captions within the same document. Archaeological Testing at Site 1Ms357, Cathedral Caverns, Marshall County, Alabama. This material helped establish point type and provided information on the distribution of types. Metcalf is dedicated to helping you achieve success on your projects while being a good steward of the land’s cultural heritage. Journal of Alabama Archaeology, Volume 5, Issues 1-3 Snippet view - 1959. All visitors entering the Jones Archaeological Museum, including Moundville residents, must also wear a wristband obtained from the Admissions office. Mailing Address 634 Mound State Parkway Moundville, AL 35474-6413 The excavations at al Mina, Sueidia, were undertaken as part of a programme of research covering a wide field in time and space. D. . It is a significant archaeological site that provides a record of thousands of years of human use. By learning first what archaeology is and then the methods archaeologists use to interpret the past, you will learn about prehistoric Alabamans. Freeman, Tuscaloosa, AL Journal of Alabama Archaeology Vol. Updated 10. Instructions for Authors. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes updates on our progress! Read full story Handbook of Alabama Archaeology : Part I - Point Types Cambron, James W. Erik Porth is an anthropological archaeologist and serves as senior archaeologist at TVAR. ARCHAEOLOGY PROGRAMS The Alabama Historical Commission's Archaeological Program provides advice and archaeological services for the general public and the historic sites of the AHC. The most extensive research into the Alabama Paleoindian period has been conducted by University of Alabama archaeologist Eugene Futato, who maintains the Alabama Paleoindian Point Survey database and has published a number of articles on Alabama's Paleoindian cultures. 1982 Archaeology of the Gainesville Lake Area: Synthesis. Fuller. edu Russell Cave is located in northeast Alabama near the town of Bridgeport in Jackson County. Handbook of Alabama Archaeology : Part I - Point Types Paperback – January 1, 1969 by James W. Journal of Alabama Archaeology, Vol. Meyer, Jeffery M. Extensive archaeological investigation has shown that the site was the political and ceremonial center of a regionally organized Mississippian culture chiefdom polity between the 11th and 16th centuries. specializes in terrestrial and maritime archaeology, architectural history, and cultural resource management. Moundville Archaeological Park has a variety of material on Archaeology! You can also download our free UA Museums #ColorOurCollections coloring book! Mailing Address 13075 Moundville Archaeological Park Moundville, AL 35474-6413 (205) 371-2266 oar@ua. "Individuals interested in the archaeology of Alabama will find Walthall's Prehistoric Indians of the Southeast the definitive overview. University Of Alabama, Office of Archaeological Research. If you need information about known sites in your project area, please contact sitefile@ua. Main Office (205) 348-5947 19 ten Hoor Hall. Archaeology: The Alabama State Site File is housed at the Office of Archaeological Research, University of Alabama. This volume describes the history of archaeology in the state, natural environment, and the succession of aboriginal artifact assemblages associated with the various Indian cultures from as early as 10,000 B. C Dr. Futato about ordering a publication, please call (205) 371-2266 or email efutato@ua. For a state with a prehistory as rich and important as Alabama’s, there are relatively few books available. Archaeology of Alabama. Traditional accounts of pre-Columbian societies often portray them as “cold” and unchanging for centuries or millennia. University of Alabama - Office of Archaeological Research Senior Archeologist/Curator - Eugene M. C. and David C. 2 Journal of Alabama Archaeology in a salt marsh. 35 mi) Mellow Mushroom (0. 1993 Preliminary Report on Gulf Coast Survey Excavations at Bottle Creek, 1991, by Ian W. AAS East Alabama Archaeology Chapter - AAS. From archaeological treasures to Civil War gold, here are 10 The AAS membership includes a broad range of people, from those with a passing interest in archaeology or history, to people who are passionate about archaeological artifacts, to avocational archaeologists, to professional archaeologists. 4 out of 5 stars 8 ratings This is a listing of sites of archaeological interest in the state of Alabama, in the United States. 1 and 2:20-60, 2014. Larry Beane 2565044841@vzwpix. Seller 100% positive. . To contact Eugene M. Moundville Archaeological Site, also known as the Moundville Archaeological Park, is a Mississippian culture archaeological site on the Black Warrior River in Hale County, near the modern city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 99 + $6. Online Archaeology Week will run from April 5 to April 9, 2021 with virtual activities and talks. These agencies work together to oversee the state's underwater archeological sites by composing management plans, classifying The archaeology program at UNC is made up of two components. Archaeology Month Every October we celebrate the stories written in the soil by dedicating a month to all things archaeology with Alabama Archaeology Month. The 65th Annual Winter Meeting of the Alabama Archaeological Society will take place on Saturday, January 18, at the Gulf Shores Cultural Center Auditorium (19470 Oak Road West [Baldwin County Road 6]) in Gulf Shores, Alabama. in anthropology with a focus in archaeology from Middle Tennessee State University (2009) and earned both his M. . It is separated by archaeologists from the Paleoindian period on the basis of characteristics of the way the societies were organized and how they made their living. Charles E. . a timely and welcome addition. edu. Brown and Richard S. Public interest surrounding the discovery and reporting of the Quad Site led to a number of important changes in the way archaeology was performed in Alabama during the 1960s and 1970s. 13075 Moundville Archaeological Park Moundville, AL 35474. 151-169. 36 (1): 1-62. 2012; revised 01/22/2020. Archaeological Investigations in the Gainesville Lake Area of the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway, Volume V. Time, Typology, and Point Traditions in North Carolina Archaeology. Fictional movies like the Indiana Jones® trilogy or Tomb Raider® offer distorted views of what archaeologists really do. The Moundville Archaeological Park is a featured Black Belt birding site on the Alabama Birding Trails. UA MUSEUMS’ ARCHAEOLOGISTS DISCOVER ALABAMA’S FIRST CAPITOL BUILDING BY MATT GAGE AND LINDA DERRY The confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers has been an important location, not only in geologic terms, but also as a cultural center for well over 700 years. Due to severe weather and The University of Alabama instructions, the Alabama Museum of Natural History, The Gorgas House Museum, Moundville Archaeological Park and Museum, and the Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum are closed today. Eugene Futato of the Office of Archaeological Research provided the following information to help BPS members make decisions regarding finding of artifacts. karen@hcboe. Come see us on Facebook! UA Home | UA Museums | Moundville Archaeological Park | UA Anthropology Dept. 1990 ( tDAR id: 16798) James G. com. 13075 Moundville Archaeological Park Moundville, AL 35474-6413 (205) 371-2266 oar@ua. The Alabama Archaeological Society promotes informed archaeological studies and the preservation of archaeological sites. Porth received his B. org Journal of Alabama Archaeology. The Alabama Museum of Natural History has a Teacher’s Corner, which offers educational materials about Fossils, Watersheds, Rocks and Minerals, and Soil. In Alabama, as well as across eastern North America, the way of life for Native Americans Archaeology Museum University of South Alabama 6052 USA Drive South Mobile, AL 36688 Ph: (251) 460-6106 ccravins@southalabama. The Jones Archaeological Museum opened on May 16, 1939, at what was then known as the Mound State Monument, a property revived by the Civilian Conservation Corps. Carey B. This ghost town is now a park and pine forest, and archaeological dig site. Sarah serves as the founding director of the Laboratory for Global Observation at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. | Disclaimer Old Cahawba Archaeological Site, near Selma, preserves the ghostly remains of Alabama's first state capital. S. Panamerican Consultants, Inc. Office of Archaeological Research, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. This annual commemoration celebrates cultural heritage as revealed through the archaeology. D. Archaeologists use the remains of the past to help solve the puzzles of history. Search our free database to find email addresses and direct dials for Alabama Archaeological Society employees. edu. Hulse Cambron (Author) 3. an archaeological survey, and to provide standardized criteria by which the State Historic Preservation Office will evaluate the archaeological segments of cultural resource assessments. Alabama Museum of Natural History: New Exhibit – Update #1. 29 mi) Chick-fil-A (0. His work particularly concerns the late prehistoric, early historic, and colonial periods of the Southeast and Caribbean, with emphasis on ethnohistorical reconstruction. The Curriculum in Archaeology is the instructional component of the program and is made up of faculty members from the Departments of Anthropology, Classics, Linguistics, Religious Studies, Women’s & Gender Studies, and the Research Laboratories of Archaeology. The Alabama Archaeological Society promotes informed archaeological studies and the preservation of archaeological sites. and the earliest documented appearance of human beings in the area to A. Journal of Alabama Archaeology. Knight’s interests include the origin and development of complex societies, the archaeology of social organization and religion, and archaeological approaches to iconography. Wednesday, April 10, 2019. From an archaeological perspective, complex societies are the consequence of the transformation from hunting and harvesting to food production, from an economy that moves people to food to one that moves food to people. At the Alabama Museum of Natural History, we are removing the Kodiak bear from the Grand Gallery in preparation of a new exhibit! Here’s a video of what that looks and sounds like. history. 47 mi) Via Emilia (0. Futato 205 371-8709 General Rules regarding Indian Artifacts in the State of Alabama - Archaic Period ExhibitArchaeologists refer to the period between about 10,500 to about 3,000 years before the present as the Archaic period. I have spent 20 years as an archaeologist, primarily in the cultural APT produced this Learning Adventure in collaboration with the Alabama Department of Archives and History, Alabama Historical Commission, Moundville Archaeological Park, The Poarch Band of Creek Indians, and the University of South Alabama Archaeology Museum. 2021 Archaeology Magazine, a Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America Archaeological and Experimental Field School at the Range Creek Field Station, University of Utah Archaeology On The Tuscan Coast 2021: The Roman Settlement At Poggio Del Molino, Populonia Battle Hill Prehistoric Landscape 2021 UA Museums Weather Announcement. Per the University of Alabama, outdoor groups must be 10 or fewer people. Digging deep for antique bottles is what we do best but this hole tried to get the best of us! We made a few really cool finds and had a few monster cave ins MDAH’s Archaeology Section identifies, registers, and protects these cultural resources through historic preservation programming. Today, the cave is part of the national park system and hosts visitors from all over the A shipwreck designated archaeological site 1Ba704 should, say archaeologists, also be called Clotilda, one of the most notorious vessels in U. Members of the Alabama Archaeological Society formed the Archaeological Research Association of Alabama (ARAA) in 1960, [15] intending to identify and excavate an intact site with a fluted point component. 2003, Vol. in Anthropology and a minor in Psychology. When the State of Alabama came into being in 1819, as a result of the Creek War of 1813-1814 and the Treaty of Fort Jackson, a site in the howling wilderness at the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers was selected to be its permanent Browse this Book on Google This book deals with the prehistory of the region encompassed by the present state of Alabama and spans a period of some 11,000 years—from 9000 B. edu Mailing Address 13075 Moundville Archaeological Park Moundville, AL 35474-6413 (205) 371-2266 oar@ua. Patterson, Paul L. Due to severe weather and The University of Alabama instructions, the Alabama Museum of Natural History, The Gorgas House Museum, Moundville Archaeological Park and Museum, and the Mildred Westervelt Warner Transportation Museum are closed today. O. A Leader in Cultural Resource Management for Over 40 Years. A majority of the collection is Alabama Archaeological Society. Atchison, Jr. Stephens (OSS), Alabama, the first Territorial Capital of Alabama (1817-19). Journal of Alabama Archaeology, Volumes 32-34 Snippet view - 1986. I am an anthropological archaeologist whose research focuses on the early colonial and Late Mississippian periods in the American Southeast. Main Office (205) 371-2234 634 Mound State Parkway Moundville, AL 35474-6413. 1K likes. College of Arts & Sciences | The University of Alabama. “Editors Beisaw and Gibb draw together 14 contributions by historical archaeologists dealing with some less well-known institutions of US and Australian life. P. The University of Alabama, Office of Archaeological Research (OAR) was contracted by Task Engineering, LLC to perform a cultural resources reconnaissance survey of approximately 885 acres for the proposed in Bull Gap Mine project in Blount County, Alabama. Artifacts are contextualized using a series of life-size scenic representations depicting archaeologists at work and glimpses into the ways of life of ancient Woodland cultures, mound-building Mississippian peoples, early French settlers, and an African American family ANTH 355. Brown and Richard S. Archiving genealogy, family and oral history records and information about the ancestors and descendants of The Ridge. 3 Hours. Apply to Intern, Archaeologist, Field Technician and more! Alabama archaeology firm sifts through history Updated Jan 29, 2019; Posted Jan 28, 2019 TVAR does archaeological surveys all over Alabama for the Tennessee Valley Authority and business customers. , 6-3/4"x9-5/8", ill. My name is Brandon and I have come to the realization that adventure can be found anywhere! This channel will be to share my adventures from Amateur Urban Archaeology to anything involving the This Explorers Club Flag Expedition Report covers a spring 2019 effort and archaeological expedition to Old St. 468 South Perry St. Hulse Elliot Blair Anthropology Archaeology Alabama. Although well known to local residents and archaeologists, the site has been poor-ly documented. Russell Cave was named a National Monument in 1961 and a placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. Mailing Address Box 870210 The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0210 ACTIVE . She is a National Geographic Society Archaeology Fellow, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, and a 2013 TED Senior Fellow. 38 mi) Agave Mexican Restaurant; View all restaurants near University of South Alabama Archaeology Museum on Tripadvisor Archaeology Heist Revealed In Alabama April 22, 2003 / 6:22 AM / AP Hoping to solve an archaeological crime after more than two decades, the University of Alabama has revealed a major 1980 theft of Many members of the Alabama Archaeological Society and other individuals loaned their collections, from over the state of Alabama, for classification. The consulting firm is located in Huntsville, Alabama and centrally positioned to serve clients in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Tennessee. and David C. Whether you are curious about ancient cultures or are considering a career as an archaeologist yourself, these resources can help you put it all together. Conducting archaeological excavation, research and analysis to add to the current body of knowledge about southeast pre-historic Native Americans, the Creek Indian Nation, The Federal Road and Alabama Fever migration. The Alabama Archaeological Society promotes informed archaeological studies and the preservation of archaeological sites. Please make checks payable to The University of Alabama. edu UA Museums Weather Announcement. Handbook of Alabama Archaeology: Point types Part 1 of Handbook of Alabama Archaeology, David Lloyd DeJarnette: Authors: James W. The East Alabama Archaeology (Auburn-Opelika area) Chapter of the Alabama Archaeological Society meets on the 2nd Tuesdays Alabama Archaeology __ "Alabama has a rich and varied past. Comer Bridge Site, Jackson County, Alabama (1983) Archaeology in the Jones Bluff Reservoir of Central Alabama (1971) History and Archaeology at Old St. CSS Alabama artifacts were conserved at Texas A&M University’s Conservation Research Laboratory, the Archeolyse International Underwater Conservation Lab in France, the Warren Lash Conservation Center in Charleston, and the Naval Hisotry and Heritage Command (NHHC) Archaeology and Conservation Laboratory (ACL). Directions: From the traffic light in Moundville, travel north on Highway 69 approximately 0. edu Dr. The Archaeology Collection is part of the Burke Museum Culture Department and includes over 1 million artifacts, soil samples, animal and plant remains, and their associated field records. Mailing Address 634 Mound State Parkway Moundville, AL 35474-6413 A Repousse Copper Plate from Northeast Alabama (1982) Resource Diversity in the Midcontinental Archaic (1985) Roupes Valley Ironworks: An Archaeological Perspective (1992) Selected Bibliography for Paleoethnobotany (1975) Selected Bibliography of Alabama Archaeology (1970) Intro to Archaeology: 3: ANT 210: Language and Culture: 3: ANT 270: Biological Anthropology: 4: ANT 421 or : Ethnography: 3: ANT 440: Culture: ANT archaeology 300-400 level 1: 3: ANT biological 300-400 level 2: 3: ANT general elective 100+ level: 3: ANT general electives 300+ level: 6: Archaeology Courses 1: The archaeology requirement must be ABSTRACT This paper is a first-person narrative of one archaeologist’s struggle to achieve public participation in the archaeology of pre-emancipation Alabama. One of the earliest It’s been many years since a book specific to Alabama Archaeology has been published. The Archaeology Museum showcases artifacts from the Gulf Coast and covers over 12,000 years of prehistory and history. Studies Southeastern Archaeology, Early Woodland Archaeology, and Paleoindian archaeology. 2. Artifacts are our main clues when it comes to finding out Alabama’s early history. Formed in 1989, Panamerican has successfully completed thousands of cultural resource contracts, including reconnaissance and intensive surveys, site testing, full-scale mitigations, cultural resource management plans, HABS/HAER/HALS documentation projects Main Office (205) 371-2234 634 Mound State Parkway Moundville, AL 35474-6413. This is the index for the entire existence of this periodical up to this point (Note: there are small red flecks on the scans that are on my Official Web Site of The University of Alabama. Cite this Record. 1750, when the early European settlements were well established. This category has the following 3 subcategories, out of 3 total. The Alabama Archaeological Society is a nonprofit organization chartered under state of Alabama laws. Alabama residents must include 9% sales tax. Journal of Alabama Restaurants near University of South Alabama Archaeology Museum: (0. . My experiences with fieldwork at the PIAPAN and San Jose de Moro projects on the North Coast of Peru have continued to drive my interest in Andean archaeology, as has my work in the Ancient People and Plants Lab under Dr. 40, Nos. Main Office (205) 348-5947 19 ten Hoor Hall. edu. This page contains maps, GIS layers, and aerial photographs pertaining to the archaeology of Moundville and related sites in the Black Warrior Valley of west-central Alabama. Cambron, David C. com. Archaeologists help us understand how and why things have changed. In 1999, The University of Alabama Museums began a comprehensive effort to rebuild and redefine the museum, resulting in a $5 million renovation. 1,169 likes · 7 talking about this. The highlight of the work was a hamburger picnic hosted by the local archaeological society followed by a lecture by Dr. 8,059 likes · 383 talking about this. AAS Archaeological Studies The University of South Alabama 6052 USA Drive South Mobile, AL 36688 Dig Deeper into Archaeology Archaeology is often misunderstood. Founded in 1831 as the state's flagship university, UA is a student-centered research university and academic community united in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all Alabamians. Karen Mann Houston County Gifted and Talented Dothan, AL mann. Additionally the WPA-era plane table map depicts a large marsh on either side of the site, which is not extant today. View Academics in Alabama Archaeology on Academia. Fuller, pp. If you know of other unusual discoveries in Alabama, or the solutions to any of the mysteries described below, email kkazek@al. Moore, city Archaeologist for Florence, Alabama was presented the Achievement Award of the American Society of Amateur Archaeology. Alabama is filled with great history, but in order to learn some of this state’s history, a little extra “digging” is required. *Social distancing guidelines are posted throughout the Park. 1994 Survey of Two Areas Associated with the Proposed Huntsville Southern Bypass and a Summary of the Cultural Resources within the Project Corridor, Madison County, Alabama. The Office of Archaeological Research (OAR) maintains the Alabama State Site File and Report Archives for all archaeological sites and Section 106 reports in the state of Alabama. com. 01 shipping. AAS Archaeological Testing at Site 1MS357, Cathedral Cavens, Marshall County, Alabama (1990) Archaeological Testing at Site 1Ms357, Cathedral Caverns, Marshall County, Alabama (1990) Archaeology at Site 1Ja78, the B. Archaeology The University of South Alabama established the Center for Archaeological Studies in 1992 to conduct archaeological research, teaching, and public service in the north-central Gulf Coast region. Showcasing 12,000 years of Alabama prehistory and history! FREE admission! 576 Archaeology jobs available on Indeed. 08. Mailing Address Box 870210 The University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0210 The Stanfield-Worley Bluff Shelter, located on private property in Colbert County in northwestern Alabama, United States, is one of the most important prehistoric sites excavated in the state due to the archeological evidence deposited by the Paleo-Indians who once occupied the rock shelter. Hawsey, Department of Anthropology, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL Sharon A. Box 300900 Montgomery, AL 36130-0900 (334) 242-3184 I graduated from the University of Alabama in 2020 with B. The path to identifying the wreck as the Main Office (205) 348-5947 19 ten Hoor Hall. Hulse: Editor: David Lloyd DeJarnette: Publisher: Archaeological Research Association of Alabama, 1964: Original from: the University of California: Digitized: Mar 31, 2010 : Export Citation: BiBTeX Focus. S. This course will explore the archaeology of Alabama with an emphasis on current regional research which may include historical archaeology, industrial archaeology, and the archaeology of Native Americans. Archaeology. Oakley, Robert B. Share. 49, #s 1 & 2 (full year, $19. January 18, 2020 in Gulf Shores, AL. Presenting Alabama's fascinating past to the public is an important part of the AHC's Archaeological Program. Johnson Jr. Hulse Published by Archaeological Research Institute of Alabama (1969) Cherokee Inscriptions Found in Alabama Cave. The University of South Alabama Center for Archaeological Studies, and the Alabama Museum of Natural The Jere Shine Site is an archaeological site on the Tallapoosa River near its confluence with the Coosa River in modern Montgomery County, Alabama. The archaeological component of the PhD program focuses on the emergence, spread, and organization of complex societies. 8,049 likes · 44 talking about this. Kendall McClellan The USA Archaeology Museum showcases artifacts from the Gulf Coast and covers over 12,000 years of prehistory and history. University of South Alabama Archaeology Museum, Mobile, Alabama. Journal of Alabama archaeology, June & Dec. The Archaeology of Events is the first book-length work that systematically applies this new eventful approach to major developments in the pre-Columbian Southeast. Cambron David C. Lindsey Gordon University of Alabama – Office of Archaeological Research Alabama Archaeological Society. This encyclopedic work is a listing of 398 ancient towns recorded within the present boundaries of the state of Alabama, containing basic information on each village's ethnic affiliation, time period, geographic location, descriptions, and (if any) movements. There are no paid officers or staff. Southeastern Archaeology "Written for the general reader, [ Old Mobile Archaeology ] summarizes the French period in Alabama, then discusses the economic and daily life of the colony, with information on town layout, architecture, diet, trade, and relations with the Mobilian and Tomés Indians. B. (2017) from the University of Alabama. Stephens: During a brief three decades, beginning in the 1790s to its decline in the 1820s, St. Gibb is an archaeological consultant, Annapolis, Maryland. All funds come from membership dues and contributions and are used to promote the informed and scientific investigation of archaeological sites, as well as for other educational purposes. . Stephens was the site of a Spanish fort, an American fort and trading post, and the Alabama Territorial capitol. We specialize in providing cultural resource management services that adhere to local, state, and federal regulations, managing your project efficiently to avoid costly delays, and elevate your brand by helping you engage with the communities you serve. It is a digital database of all recorded archaeological sites in the state of Alabama. The site is marked on early plat maps (Figure 3). This makes Alabama's Prehistoric Indians and Artifacts, by David M. I. Pre-payment is required. 36 mi) Waffle House (0. This is when archaeologists come into play. Virtuous Citizens. Steven M Meredith, University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa, Anthropology Department, Alumnus. us. The current State Historic Preservation Office for Alabama is the Alabama Historical Commission (AHC). This account details the difficulties of working in a polarized community, famous both for its plantation past and its 20th-century racial strife. James W. The Alabama Historical Commission is the custodian of the state's underwater archeological resources, and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is the custodian of Alabama's underwater lands. It is administered by the Alabama Historical Commission. Sarah Parcak is from Bangor, Maine. This website is designed to explore Alabama's past as it is understood through archaeology. SAA 86th Annual Meeting Goes Virtual Due to the continued impacts of COVID-19, the SAA Board of Directors has voted to conduct the 2021 Annual Meeting in an all-virtual format. Report of Investigations 23. The object with which we set out was the tracing of connexions, if such existed, between the early civilisations of the Aegean, in particular that of Minoan Crete, and the more ancient cultural centres of hither Asia. alabama archaeology